Akita Super Sencha
Premium Loose Leaf Green Tea

Akita Super Sencha

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An extremely good tea with a deep, emerald leaf, bright liquor and a full bodied, grassy cup that is lightly touched with round notes of butter and honey. While in Japan, many teas are machine plucked, this tea comes from Hunan, China where it is plucked the old fashioned way. By hand! Each leaf is carefully selected for colour and size to make sure that there is an even grading. Akita Super Sencha is a superb tea, worthy of its Japanese heritage. 

  • Luxury Ingredients: Green tea
  • Small Batch Blended and Packed in: Canada
  • Tea(s) From: China
  • Region(s): Hunan Province
  • Antioxidant Level: High
  • Caffeine Content: Low
  • Grade: Premium long leaf sencha
  • Altitude: 1500 – 4500 feet above sea level
  • Manufacture Type: Japan style Green Tea
  • Cup Characteristics: A full green tea character that personifies 'mouth-feel' wth a delicious green vegetative finish.
  • Infusion: Bright green with yellow notes.